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Latest News From The Earth Rover - Feb 06, 2004

Spirit Status The rock named MaxFli 1 will be revisted!
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Rock named Angus has not moved

The round black rock named "Angus" has been watched carefully and the conclusion is that it has not moved. In fact, it may not have moved for millions of years. The rock analysis tool on NADA's Earth Rover observed Angus for 34 hours and determined it was (.4 inches) in diameter. Feb. 6, 2004. more details >>

Rover Starts Driving Around
The Earth Rover unexpectedly returned this historic photo of it's own wheel today. Engineers were slightly puzzled why the Rover decided to photograph it's own wheel, but were happy with the reults none-the-less.
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More rocks than expected
This diagram illustrates the number of rocks encountered compared to the amount of time the Rover has spent roving. The success of the Rover has had encountering rocks steadily increases with the amount of time the Rover is looking for them.
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