Totally Stupid

totally squatted or broke totally websites

A finely curated list of websites totally beginning with TOTALLY!
Totally Squatting
Here's a list of TOTALLY domain names that people are sitting on and doing nothing with, hoping to make big bucks one day! Yeah!
Totally Pets
Once home to a wonderful doggie bar! Now for sale to the hairiest bidder
Formerly a hand writing analysis and web design site - the perfect business plan at last! Broke!
This site once attempted to give college students help, provided you could figure out what horrible thing to click next. For some reason, this bleak and confusing site suffered an epic fail. HostGator now sits on it.
Formerly it was a place where you could learn about something called MicroCluster Technology and live to be 120 years old in a genuinely disturbing interface. Now we don't know what it is.
Nothing at all since 2004!
These cats once had a totally great idea about making lots of money selling beach vacations, but it appears their webmaster decided to go the beach and never come back.
Once a site for black guys that like black guys but now just for sale.
Such potential! This site used to really bore you if you weren't bored already. Somebody needs to pick this one up!
Once owned by somebody who got their AOL account turned off for good! Now available! Imagine the possibilities, or not! Buy it today!
Once an inspired domain totally about coffee, swallowed up by the Role Moniker Privacy Services empire.
Most of their crap used to be pictures of swimsuit models, now you can buy it!
A long-lived totally domain name, once a site about hair, after that if was about making more money before you totally die. Then the site came back and tried to be a calendar that keeps track of what you've totally done, with a lot of PHP programming warnings on display. Now it can be yours!
For sale to the "highest" bidder since 2002 and only $7.888! Get totally drunk and buy it!
A site for guys who like guys until the guys ran out of money and parked it at GODADDY.
This site was available for years and it was finally bought in 2010. Remarkably nothing was ever done with it and now it's just parked at GoDaddy!.
Never excellent at all and now for sale for the right number of euros.
Somebody with a totally fantastic idea bought this in 2001 but never got around to doing anything but putting it up for sale!
Once a creepy porn site with plus-sized girls. Now it could be yours for only $1,695 ( was $1,095 a year ago)! Imagine the enormous potential. Buy it today and watch it grow and grow.
Once you could buy fish online and have them shipped to your house from here! Then, they said they were "under the ownership and gross mismanagement" and were going to close. They did. Now for sale. Sad. Bid on it today and good luck with totally selling fish online!
No clue what this was ever about, but not fit for the internets. Now it can be yours for only $3,888 if you think you're a good fit!
We had no idea what these people were doing even though they were apparently totally focused on it. Now they're just totally focused on selling it for over $10K!
Once had lots of fonts displayed in a visually stunted landscape. Most of the time this link didn't work because the Totally Fonts site server was in a basement or something. Now for sale. Buy it and tell us you did!
Once totally about juice, which isn't exactly food, but who cares? Now for sale to anyone who's totally into food.
Once a place that promoted free ads. For some reason they ran out of money. Wonder why?
They really were for a short while. Now, sadly just out of money or out of ideas.
Once a really awful site about buying more stuff than you really need, now a generic dead-end.
Once a site that might put you off your game just by looking at it. Totally into Golf? Go for it!
Used to be about hair extension supplies, with lots of stock photos of girls from twenty years ago. Now it's just for sale.
Once the go-to site for totally hand rolled cigars. That idea went up in smelly smoke.
Based on the premise that you should be afraid of the air and water around you, this site sure did inspire people. To leave! Buy it today!
In 2004, all about legalizing weed and getting seriously stoned. Somehow that plan didn't work and now you can buy it from GoDaddy for the totally high price of $1988
Once all about getting you in shape by exercising your credit card. Huge flop. Own it today!
Once there were some Australians that were totally into something, it was just hard to figure out what! Now it's just waiting for another idea.
Once a sad and largely ignored site totally about Jesus. Then abandoned for years. It returned for a short while with another short-lived thing totally about Jesus and now a lost cause yet again, parked at SquareSpace and for sale once again!
It's true, it was Totally Lame once, but now it's just totally owned by the DOMAIN NAME SALES CORPORATION.
Once owned by by Warner Brothers. Now it's owned by DC Comics who thought Mad Magazines would sell on DVD's for some reason. Now parked at GoDaddy and for sale!
At one time a deeply unsettling site. Now, it's just deeply out of money.
Under construction since 1995 and then abandoned like an old Chevy and parked at PARKINGDNS.NET after the money ran out.
Great name, but they tried to sell office furniture. Bad branding, maybe? Buy it today!
Once claimed to have a revolutionary way to run your growing business. Probably by doing it totally online! For sale since 2004!
Formerly a place where you could outsource your totally unorganized life. Now, sadly, for sale by the nefarious BuyDomains people.
A fine domain name that could totally be the gateway to all things totally pants. And yet...
Once about really drunk guys being totally pissed. Then mostly empty for a while due to hang-overs maybe, and now gone like a forgotten night on the town.
Formerly a not so pretty site about making sure you take your medicine, or something. Oh well.
Once you could shoot ducks arcade style at this fine domain! Sorry to see it go! Totally available for the next quack idea.
You used to be able to buy lizards online here, but that idea didn't pan out so well. For sale for the right number of greenbacks!
Such potential. Sad to see this one shuffle off into the shadows.
Formerly a very cool site we liked, went into new management and was under construction for a while, now for sale through HugeDomains,com for only $4.095 (was $2,395 last year).
This site was never totally right about anything, because it's never been used. Only for sale since 2009. Want to be totally right? Now you can be for the low low cost of only $17,000!
Was under construction for two years before getting serious and giving up.
Once bankrupt, then came back to sell cheap shoes in a visually impaired environment, now bankrupt again. Buy it from Acquire This Name and you could go bankrupt too!
Once was a sublime and curious site dedicated to linking to other totally sites that are totally about sports and totally selling you some uniforms. Now it's for sale!
Launched in 2002 as an ambitious tarot destination with a forum, shop and spooky resources. Guess they didn't see this in the cards: no more money.
Once this site wanted you to rent a tent from a company whose website would give you a headache! Now BuyDomains will sell it to you!
Once the place to go for learning how to remove nursery stains left by dirty toddlers! Now, sadly, nothing but for sale.
Country singing star Trisha Yearwood thought people would come. Nobody did. If your name is Trisha, maybe you want it?
Once totally about trucks and guys and things guys like. Now, it's just abandoned all hope. Buy it, then bring it back and don't go bust as well in the process! Guys totally need trucks.
Went away for a while and then came back even more useless than before. Now for sale to the next person with another totally useless idea for only $2,755!
Once an informative site about vacuums, but unfortunately for us all, gone forever and for sale to the right sucker.
Once on the list of 100 Incredible Yoga Teachers Who Blog! Now just totally for sale.
Totally Broke
We've been keeping track of TOTALLY sites that have gone bust. Here's a summary.
In 2004 they declared themselves the No. 1 Source in finding Auction Car Bargains. By 2006, it was largely an endless road of error messages and remained so until 2011 when it was finally pulled over and parked.
This site was bought in 2006 and then nothing ever happened!
Once a cleaning service in San Francisco! Apparently that didn't work out but it's under construction again! We'll see!
A snazzy blog since 2010, with Reuters on board for use of their images. Guess that didn't pan out.
Once an odd site that sold country song compilation discs (up to VOL 6), then bought out and run by SONY and now just busted.
Once about Training your dog to be a better dog. Now it's account has been suspended!
Registered in 2000 and became a blog in 2006 that was totally never updated. Around 2015 it became a WordPress site where the owner was going to write about stuff and things they liked. They never did. Oh well!
Once a site that wasn't evil at all, then became a place a place to buy games that aren't evil either. Well, they did have a game called 'Santa Shooter'. Now it's just gone.
Once a site that berated people for being totally out of shapeness. Nobody cared. Oh well.
Totally football, totally owned by Fox.
It's fun to spend venture capital! Oops, all gone!
Once made charitable donations to children's hospitals and sold games about blowing stuff up. Excellent idea that blew up.
Once upon a time totally nobody wanted a total garden. Oh well. Now their account is apparently suspended!
Once it was something about a machine that makes you more green and a biodegradable water bottle. Didn't work out.
Once upon a time, it was an on-going attempt to get high school students to create an account, which no one ever did. Then it just became a giant error page.Then some Asian genius' tried to sell it, but gave up! Now just a dead end.
Once sold CD compilations of totally lame old hip hop tunes. Now owned by SONY who apparently thought it was a good idea to park it in the dark.
Formerly about being so totally hot after cosmetic surgery. Before that it was owned by a web design company that was totally not. Now, it just sits there waiting for love.
Greg Olear used to use this domain name to promote his book called Totally Killer, which was by all accounts a "dazzling and dark debut". Nothing but an error page now.
A site that was once totally dedicated to growing meat in the laboratory and then eating it. Guess that didn't work out. Oh well!
They once manufactured injection molds, which was just so radical. It's now for sale!
Once upon a time this site attempted to get you to pay for better search engine rankings within a remarkably complicated interface. Then it became a Wordpress template with placeholder text and then one sad day it was just gone.
You could once learn about how to eat raw food at this website that may have been designed by someone who just hated people. They gave up and went away!
Once you could totally buy a lot of soccer uniforms here, but now it's just a page of PHP errors
Totally Sport was once about a Fire Brigade! Yes! What happened to that?
This site really did just sell Swing Sets! And they had something called Rubber Mulch as well! Maybe selling swing sets online is a tough racket!
A former online racket stringing service that just didn't make it. Sad.
Once a totally web design company. Now lost to us all.
Once you needed a user name and password to find out why they were so wicked, Now, it's even more useless.
Once a site guaranteed to damage your eyes if you wanted to look at Yamaha products. Now it's gone and not a public menace any more, hopefully...
Totally Available
Register these unclaimed TOTALLY sites before someone else does.
This site was available and never registered for the longest time. Then somebody bought it, but forgot to pay. Now it's been snatched up again and was about some Chinese Technology and not about anyone named Britney at all! Then, sadly, it just went away. Now back on the open market!
We don't know what Chibi was, but it was Japanese and it looked cool until it was just totally gone one sad day. If you know what a Chibi is, maybe just go for it!
Originally purchased in 2013. The only thing that was ever creepy about this site was the giant error message it had for a home page. It could really be totally creepy! Get your creep on!
Once was a site for guys who like totally custom trucks. It's back on the market!
Former Amiga Computer site for people who thought that machine was cool. Guess not too many people did. Now it can be yours! Come on!
Once singularly disturbing, probably dangerous and now a domain name that expired and can be yours!.
Formerly a great site about how to get your money out of the USA. Now available on the open market for the next scam artist!
Somebody needs to buy this and really be Totally Pathetic! Come on! Do it for the people!
A Totally Perfect domain for anyone who's totally perfect!
Once owned by some narly New Jersey dudes serving up skateboard stories. Nobody gave a flip and it was parked at GoDaddy until the domain name expired.
Once totally about teapots where only serious teapot enthusiasts needed to apply. Went away for a while and then came back as a blog about the riveting world of collecting tea pots. After that it was just something Japanese and uniquely disturbing, before disappearing entirely. Buy it today and give it another life!